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In the small hamlet called Trsce, situated in Croatian area known a Gorske Lazine, one can find a gorgeous tree house. It belongs to Alen Les, an experienced electric technician who always tendered his artistic side. Together with his family, he constructed this unique structure, gave it a name Gorski Lazi Holiday Home, and made it available for rental.

„We are working in tourism since 2014. Our main vacation house has been completely arranged by our own assets. Nothing is bought, all things that exist in the house are our own hand-work,“ Alen explains, showing the outdoors of his family park along the way.

„After a while, we decided to make a tree house in vicinity. Initially, it was for our own leisure, but soon we offered it in a form of accommodation. It became very popular locality, especially to people who like to spend their free time in nature.”

At the time of writing this text, Gorski Lazi Holiday Home has an average rating of 9,8 on website. It is merely one of the assurances that the small wooden house is truly special places, and well worth of your vacation time.

The tiny residence is leaned on two trees from one side, but in a way that didn’t hurt plants at all. On the other side, two large pillars are holding the structure. Everything is made of wood, but don’t think that accommodation lacks modern appliances- you can count on solar power, toilet and shower facility, fresh water and internet access.

“We plan to invest in hot bath as well, which will pump the water from the nearby stream. But our ecological policies will stay the same. The surrounding nature must not suffer in any form. That is why power and water are acquired in non-invasive techniques and are literally free of charge.”

Visit the official website of Gorski Lazi Holiday Home and consider spending your free time in beautiful nature of inland Croatia. Our image gallery below could be a great encouragement for such a decision.

Photo: Alen Les


I love these all so natural filled sights and would love to ahve fun there once in my life surely.


We hope you will come soon 🙂


I have personally visited there only one time in my whole life but I have an awesome experience there. In my point of view it is a best place to enjoy family vacations.


So glad you had lovely time. Gorski Lazi is really a great spot to stay in Croatia.


I like this great blog post.

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