The Adriatic Times Sinke

The Island of Korcula hides many summer havens, and the one called Picena Valley has a spot for your stay. In a lovely and secluded cove, merely 30 meters away from the sea, one can find Mediterano Vacation House. Surrounded with olive groves, fig trees and fields of sage, this estate can become your home away from home in Croatia.

In distant past, the structure used to be a worker’s resting point. Renovated, it became a prime holiday spot, featuring 44 square meters of interior, a beautiful shaded terrace, outdoor kitchen space and, last but not least, a private pool.

The outdoor area numbers 2000 square meters of private land. As the estate is isolated, it is out of the island’s electricity grid, thus all power comes from solar panels and petrol options. The path to sea is surrounded with drywall structures, adding to the charm and Dalmatian vibe.

“This small estate became a great example of how to invest smartly in your accommodation space,” Mediterano representative explained to our reporters. “The house walls are 60 centimeter thick, providing the residents with cool space during summer months. As for the kids, they are usually happy to sleep in the gallery, just below the roof. “

The interior is covered with ceramic tiles and imagined to be of modular kind. The furniture can change, being cozy armchairs in one moment only to slide into comfortable bulks in the other.

Learn more about this place on Mediterano official website, and don’t hesitate to check out our photo gallery of the place below.