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In the vicinity of Zadar, one can find many tiny settlements. One of them is Baturi, a hamlet featuring traditional Dalmatian vibe and houses dating as early as 19th century. Two of these structures belong to certain Zagreb residents, who decided to update their estates with fresh looks and contemporary designs.

Of course, no owner of Dalmatian house wishes to go fully in modernity, so these Baturi houses still have a strong layer of authentic local architecture. The leading designer of their renovation was Jasna Nimcevic, which managed to balance the echoes of past times with modern living customs.

baturi-photo-by-dunja-dopsaj-i-vedran-metelko-16Interestingly enough, the houses were built in different times, thus differing in many ways. Both had approximately 40 square meters in size, which isn’t much by contemporary standards, but was more than enough in past. To increase the practical size of interior, the designer added galleries above the base level, and lowered the floor, transforming the space into a pleasant loft.

Each house can host up to four persons, and include both kitchen and bathroom facilities. The interior furniture is mostly made of wood. It is stylish, yet envisioned with modesty in mind, as such was the way of living in Baturi.  However, the estates are not imagined to be pure simulators of Dalmatia’s past, so expect a nice TV-set alongside some other handy appliances.


The exterior features a large elm tree, which is called Brist in Croatian language. That is also the name of the estate. The plant is providing the outdoors with unique charm, and guests are welcome to enjoy the small benches and tables situated in the porch.

It is easy to fall in love with Baturi and these cozy accommodation spaces. If you would like to visit Zadar area, the hamlet is a perfect locality as a base camp, allowing you to traverse the county with ease, yet be safe from the usual summer crowds. For more information about Brist Twin Houses, send a message to

Also, feel free to check out our photo gallery below.


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