The Adriatic Times Sinke

The beach of Kolovare can be found in Zadar Riviera, and is a perfect spot for a lovely family vacation. But even in this pristine and relaxing scenery, one has to be careful while swimming. In case of cramp or sudden loss of conscience, being in water is not a desirable state. Thankfully, there are people which guard the bathers and assure the safety. One of them is Margita Anticevic, a 19-year old lifeguard expert that has been protecting Kolovare swimmers for two straight years.

“It’s not Baywatch, and I might have a better outfit, but I have a big heart, capable of rescuing people when needed,” Margita explained to Croatian Zadarski magazine. “In order to become a lifeguardess, I had to pull out a 90 kilogram man from the sea. It was part of our training. And I did so, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

Margita joined lifeguards immediately after reaching 18 years of age. Not all candidates are accepted, however. The tests included swimming for 400 meters below eight minutes time and prowess in certain swimming styles that are vital for rescuing people. But being a sportswoman since early age,  Margita had no issues with these challenges.

“The tests run for about a month, and then you have a course which lasts one week. There are some theoretical exams, too. For example, we had to learn how to tie various kinds of knots and how to provide first aid. Finally, the last three days are reserved for simulations of various scenarios that can happen on the beach. These included how to treat certain injuries and how to approach the misbehaving bathers.”

Margita notes that women are rarely encountered in this profession, but had no issues whatsoever. “The only thing is that I technically wear male clothes, as no female lifeguard costumes were made. Once again, I’d really like to have that legendary outfit of Baywatch crew,” she giggles, observing the horizon.

When not keeping Kolovare safe, Margita is studying physics and mathematics on faculty in Zagreb. But as soon as her exams are over, she returns to Dalmatian coast, more than ready to secure the joys of its visitors. “This summer job, I’d never change it for anything,” she concluded, with a smile on her face.

Feature Photo: Jure Miskovic / CROPIX