The Adriatic Times Sinke

Leading world media write on how the Croatian coast is of great interest, and our Adriatic is pointed out as a top destination for wealthy guests. New York Times reporters fill their articles with statements from agencies that deal in luxury trips, such as the global Internet service “Indagare” whose central office states that there is a 30% increase compared to last year.

Expedia also states that the traffic with Croatia has doubled with reference to last year. The Protravel International states that they have planned some tens of private and group trips to our country this summer – the highest number since they started working. Protravel is actually an agency that has been offering services to highly demanding clients for the past 30 years. Numerous stars and rich businessmen use this agency as trip organizers. This company that organizes elite and expensive trips for powerful individuals states that the interest in travelling to our country is exceptional.

Croatia has much to offer. The beaches are excellent, just like the food, culture and history. Many travelers experience Croatia as a safe destination.

Visit Korcula for its vineyards and wine, Brach for its olives, Hvar for its lavender and alluring night life. … In visiting the beaches and sea do not forget the towns. Croatia is different from other Mediterranean countries such as Italy, France and Greece probably due to its Slavic origins. Try the local wines – says the elite agency.

Saša Jadrijevic / The Adriatic Times