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At the time of writing, Croatia has 105 tourist camps, which offer around 8900 mobile residences for rent. The business is expect to blossom in the next few years, so even local companies are investing their wits in building quality accommodation. For example, Nord mobile camp houses are among the most popular ones, providing the visitors with both luxury and comfortable setting.

“The modern camp house is excellent value for tourists,” said Adriano Palman of Croatia’s Camping Association. “Staying in one of them is like staying in a comfy hotel room, plus you have this tie with the natural surroundings that other types of accommodation can’t provide.”

“The interest for outdoor camps is rising on annual rate. Since they appeared in Croatia, these sites have increased for 28%, partly due to modernly designed houses. During peak season, the average price of daily rental rarely drops below 150 €.”

The first camp which received official five-star rating is Valamar on Island of Krk. Nord Mobile Houses are common sight there, being home-away-from-home to numerous families that enjoy summer vacation on Adriatic shorelines.

“Each house is based on a strong metal backing that carries the wooden construction,” Iva Jurkovic of Nord Produkt Company explained to Croatia Times source. “We use only the best materials, and the color of exterior walls can be changed according to client wishes. “

The company builds moveable residences in several sizes, starting with 18 square meters. The largest option is 40 square meters, which is more than enough for a family with two children. Some designs include a private terrace and access to outdoor playground for kids to enjoy.

“Guests that enjoyed the hospitality of Nord Mobile Houses rarely opt to go for a hotel accommodation afterwards. They just like the benefits of camp instead,” Iva Jurkovic concluded.

Find more products of Nord Produkt Company on their official website.

Photo: Camping Adriatic by Valama