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Connected with mainland through a large bridge and having its own international airport, Island Krk is a charming destination in Croatia’s northern waters. The recently renovated Hotel Park Punat, a part of prestigious accommodation provider Falkensteiner, may be just the place you need for a pleasurable vacation with your family.

Having a four-star quality rating, the lovely hotel can be equally attractive both to family-oriented visitors and those set on an adventurous Adriatic experience. Full of small details that show care for the guest, Park Punat stands firmly behind ‘Welcome Home’ tagline that goes under Falkensteiner logo.

Architects Duspara and Travas were tasked with designing a pleasant interior that follows the Mediterranean vibe of Island Krk. The ceilings were made of material which looks similar to ship ropes, and the coloring follows naval tones. You are always reminded that beauties of Adriatic Sea are in close vicinity.

Teenagers have their own quarters, which include pop-art motifs in the interior. The restaurant area features olive trees which greatly contribute to pleasant atmosphere. And youngest guests will surely find excitement in the small playground called Falky Land. Together with a charming mascot, they can thrill in a safe and cozy environment of slides and wooden ships.

Grownups, on the other hand, can count on exquisite dining options and pleasant outdoor pool. The staff recommends activities such as cycling the surrounding Krk landscapes or renting a small vehicle for a tour of Punat town. The tiny island of Kosljun in the nautical neighborhood has an attractive monastery with exhibition area, while olive grove of Ulika provides with fantastic oil products and wine products. The biggest excitement may include some very impressive animal species. The grandiose griffon vultures can sometimes be observed on the cliffs of Plavik Island, together with always-friendly dolphins that gladly follow vessels around Krk. Of course, encounters with these magnificent beings are not always an option.

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Photo: Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences