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The Island of Pasman is among the largest in Croatian sea, having about 60 square kilometers in size. You may find it in Zadar archipelago, divided from the mainland by a relatively narrow sea channel. Covered with rich layers of Mediterranean vegetation, Pasman is a gorgeous site to visit, as guests can explore its forests, plains and mountain slopes. Of course, they can do so with ease thanks to our handy app.

Of course, the island has a large number of secluded, intimate beaches and coves that wait to be discovered by curious travelers. A unique feature of Pasman is a frequent change of currents in the surrounding waters, which form a natural cleaning system that purifies sea. It is the reason for the crisp color of Adriatic around Pasman. Beneath the surface, one can find fascinating world of fish, seashells and mussels.

Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX

The Settlement of Pasman itself is quite old. Archeology has proven that the area was inhabited even in distant Roman times, which doesn’t surprise knowing the beauty of surrounding sceneries.  If visiting, be assured to try local konoba-restaurants, traditional Dalmatian taverns that prepare food according to old recipes. The prepared food will certainly have freshly caught and harvested ingredients.

Check out what Pasman settlement looks like from above, in our image gallery below. Explore more destinations in the country with our Croatia by Car digital app.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX Agency