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If you are searching for a prime accommodation for your stay in Croatia, do consider renting this beautiful house of Privlaka, a peninsula separating Nin Valley from Zadar Channel. The building has a rather unique feature: back in the past, it was a part of St. Vitus Church, dating from 14th century. Today, both structures are operational and neighboring one another. And while the sacral building invokes spirituality with its old, traditional vibe, the house embraces its inhabitants with charm and feeling of welcome.


The House of Privlaka was elevated as a part of the Church in early 20th century, barely surviving the turbulent decades of World Wars and even a large fire.  During all this time, the building was owned by the same family, which witnessed their members being taken into dangers of war, luckily only to return without a scratch.

“Two generations of sailors were raised in this house, as well as one of the first pilots in Croatia,” the current owner noted to LC Source.” It was built by my grand-grand-father, and during the years, over ten children were born in its chambers.”


The backstory of the house is interesting enough, but the renovated space follows the pattern. Surrounded with olive groves and vineyards, the estate features 1600 square meters of private property, alongside with garden full of Mediterranean plants. For extra luxury, this Privlaka home comes with a pool of considerable size.

The house was renovated with respect to Dalmatian architectural heritage. Everything is made of stone and wood. The interior is full of old items and provides you with the feeling of antiquity. And the best part is that house can be visited even outside of summer season. Imagine yourself having a glass of wine next to a warm fireplace, and you’ll want to rent this place even in winter months.


During repairs, the owners discovered a large brick with inscription ‘SKM 1916’.  “Those were the initials of my grandfather, actually. He probably signed the brick as a 14-year old boy. We have placed it into a wall of our dining room. “

Full of great features and interesting past, the house can be a great spot for your Croatian adventures. Visit Privlaka’s Tourist  Board Website for more information, and don’t mind checking out the gallery below and be inspired for visiting the beauty of Dalmatia.

Photos  by: Mirko Tisma


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