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A small village of Kotisina may soon become a big name of Croatia’s tourism. Situated on the slopes of Biokovo Mountain about two kilometers away from Makarska Town, the hamlet has recently begun to archeologically explore its distant past. The tasked experts agree this was a step in right direction, as several important historical localities were discovered and are being repurposed as historical destinations.

Kotisina, Church

Thus visitors of Kotisina will be able to explore a sizeable keep called Veliki Kastel, an amazing fort that is located in a large cave. The medieval Church of Saint Martin and Church of Saint Anthony will also be available for visit. The revitalization of these sites is partly financed by funds of European Union.

The locals always knew of Veliki Kastel keep, since it was constructed in mid-17th century during Candia War between Venice and Ottoman Empire. However, it was quite neglected since nobody invested in its interior for quite a long time. Thanks to current initiative, however, situation is bound to change.

Parts of this keep are situated in nature-made grotto, making the site quite unique. According to archeologists, the cavern has been populated even in prehistoric times.

Tunnel, Cave, Grotto,

The locals are very determined to uplift their tourist offer even more. A multimedia center that will allow visitors to learn about Kotisina features is in preparation, as is an arranged promenade through botanical garden full of Dalmatian vegetation.  Taking into account the will of inhabitants, the tiny village may soon flourish in a big way.

Long story short: if in Makarska, consider having a stroll to Kotisina village. You may be pleasantly surprised, and witness some truly amazing historical sites. That being the case, feel free to take a few photographs and share them on our Facebook Wall. You will earn fame and surely receive a lot of likes, not to mention that you can become our media contributor of the day.

Photo: Ivo Ravlic  / CROPIX