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The Island of Korcula has many unique features. The gorgeous old ramparts of its main settlement oversee the surrounding waters of Adriatic Sea, while local residents safeguard their warrior dance of Moreska for untold times. But Korcula is also a great spot for dine-loving guests, as our colleagues from Jutarnji List daily magazine learned on the best way possible. They spent an entire week on Korcula Island, visiting  several notable restaurants and konoba taverns.

The locals have developed a genuine cuisine, based on freshly caught fish and mussels. Coupling this tradition with modern approaches in cooking led to rich dining scene and plenty of options to choose from.  Check out a small teaser below:

The team was assisted with top Croatian chefs Zoran Simunic (Gastronomad) and Maja Krsinic (Konoba Aterina). Their well-fed adventure included visit to Pupnat and the local konoba Mate, known for its imaginative dishes and skilful kitchen crew. Our colleagues also enjoyed a portion of zrnovski makaruni, a pasta-based specialty of Konoba Nono. Beach bar Moro on the inlet of Stupe was another notable spot that couldn’t be missed.

To sum up their experience on Korcula Island, “We were eating with our bare fingers, with forks and knives, from the sea itself and served on an exotic way. And every time, we ate home-made and well.”

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Photo: Tom Dubravec / CROPIX