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Istria is a Croatian region well known for its lovely outdoor sceneries, and its interiors are following the pattern. For example, the Istrian stone house located in the village of Radini has a rather interesting story to tell. Just twelve years ago, it looked more like an old rampart than a pleasant home. However, at that time, it caught an eye of Croatian couple with residence in Switzerland. These people bought the estate and consequently invested in its renovation. Today, this Istrian stone house is a welcoming home full of small details which thrill its visitors.

Explore the Istrian Stone House

“People were watching us oddly when we bought it, but now they understand our reasons,” the owners explained to us with pride. “We didn’t really have any practical concept or way how to settle things down. We just wanted a vacation spot on Croatian soil for us and the children.”

Most of the work was done by owners themselves. They even restored old furniture, and constructed their very own table. The home’s immediate outdoors was also renovated, as the couple added fig trees along with rosemary and lavender bushes.

Explore the Istrian Stone House

“When one of our neighbors visited, he was so fascinated with our work that he gifted us a charming olive tree from his garden. He wanted to participate in our little project,” the owners said, showing us the plant.

For more than a decade, these residents of Radini were working every summer on their Istrian stone house. However, it is proving difficult for them to arrive from Switzerland every year, and they are considering selling the house. And as Istria proved to be a very popular spot on global estate market, we don’t think they will have to wait for long for interested buyers.

If you consider moving to Croatia, this could serve as a fabulous home. Check out the looks of this Istrian home in our photo gallery below, and don’t hesitate to visit official website of Istrian County for more information about available estates. And if nothing else, come to Radini village, and enjoy the renowned beauty of Istrian countryside.


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