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At the beginning, this year was very harsh for Croatian wine producers. The first months were very cold, followed by long periods of draughts. This caused some damage to fruitful vineyards of Croatia, but there should be no worries. The Wine Year is expected to be exceptional, at least according to award-winning specialist Stipe Knezevic from Plomina settlement.

“Some wine makers have already started to harvest, but I decided to wait for a few more days. The quantity of grapes is lower, but the surviving tonnage will provide us with some great products,” Knezevic explained. “The year was difficult in terms of weather, but if you have a good soil, the plants do the rest.”

Wine Year

Knezevic added that, despite smaller production, the prices of Croatian wines won’t be affected. His colleague Smiljan Reljic agreed with such opinion. “The weather did a lot of damage, yes. But the final result is still impressive. The quality of this wine year’s products is undisputable. Whoever owns a business in the outdoors must be prepared for ups and downs. It is just the path they chose.”

Both Knezevic and Reljic have won influential awards for their wines, and tend to continue the trend. “Our vineyards are top class, and we expect more recognition in the future,” Reljic concluded.

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