The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatian destinations are beautiful in the summer, and foreign people often wonder what these places look like once the colder months arrive. Of course, one can notice lack of crowds and swim suits, but the charm of romantic settlements doesn’t disappear. The skies may be gray and waves are stronger due to winds, but remote islands can still be attractive to guests seeking peace and easy-going approach to life. One such place is Prvic and its settlement Prvic Sepurina, pictured above. If spending a winter surrounded with refreshing air and meditative sceneries sounds like your place to be, consider visiting Croatian coast in fall and winter seasons.

Prvic Sepurina is one of two settlements on the island, the other being called Prvic Luka. Destination itself is known for its natural beauty, and was settled by Greeks even in distant times of Antiquity. One of Croatia’s most important historical figures, inventor Faust Vrancic, has been living on Prvic and was conducting experiments that would fundamentally lead to discovery of parachute. His memorial center exists on the island, any may be an inspiring place to visit.

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Photo: Niksa Stipanicev / CROPIX