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Judging from the latest news coming from Makarska, the tale of Basko Polje is going towards happy end. The former military vacation spot that became state property wasn’t very vivid in terms of accepting guests. Lack of funds and legal matters were obstructing development, so local governors decided to sell it to private entities. Thus, after about two decades of being idle, Basko Polje and Makarska Hotels have received new owners.

Ivo Ravlic / Hanza Media

One of them is Valamar, technically the biggest company operating in Croatian tourism. It will take care of Makarska Hotels, and while no precise plans have been announced, one can guess they will transform into attractive accommodation localities and greatly increase the region’s tourist potential.

The company that took over Basko Polje is Immo Invest Partner AG. Although coming from Switzerland, it is actually owned by two Croatian brothers, Dzek and Frenk Djordic. The couple is experienced in running hotels, as they owned three in their residential country before switching management to Hilton. This is the first time they invest in Croatia, but plans are quite big.

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Ivo Ravlic / Hanza Media

“Our intent is to make Basko Polje a tourist resort of four and five star rating. It will provide jobs to about 500 locals, and offer about 1500 beds to visitors,” Dzek Djordic said to Croatia Times source.  “Our total investment in this project is about 150 million Euros, an amount we plan to return in a matter of years.”

Djordic brothers are very determined in providing the best service to guests of Makarska and surrounding regions. “Our goal is to improve tourist services and bring them on a new level, and will begin as soon as all the papers are signed.”

Ivo Ravlic / Hanza Media

In addition, the company plans to construct a hotel in continental Croatia, more precisely in beautiful Town of Varazdin whose tourist potential is also increasing on annual level.

To conclude, visitors of Croatia have plenty to expect from accommodation localities in the following years.

Featured Photo: Ivo Ravlic  / Hanza Media