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The influential UK magazine, Business Insider, decided to investigate the Europe’s less-known island destinations. Thus journalist Brittany Kriegstein published a lengthy list of Europe’s best islands off the beaten path, including Formentera in Spain and Graciosa of Canary Islands. Two distinctive Croatian Islands also made it to the list, receiving nothing but the compliments from the author.

The first Croatian addition to Business Insider’s list is the romantic Island of Vis. Of all the inhabited islands along Adriatic coast; it is the farthest from the continental shores. As such, it features a level of seclusion and intimacy, and is usually spared from crowds which hinter the pleasure of vacation.


In the multitude of fascinating natural sceneries, the gorgeous beach of Stiniva is among the most recognizable symbols of Vis. The remarkable location has inspired the great Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki for his movie Porco Rosso, featuring scenes which happen on this locality. Of course, Stiniva is not the only beach of Vis, as proven by our guide.

Waters surrounding Vis are also notable for their beauty, so the destination is quite popular among scuba divers.

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Mljet is another Croatian addition to the list of Europe’s best islands off the beaten path. Having only 1000 residents, Mljet is technically a large forest surrounded by crystal-clear sea.  It is believed that Greek hero Odysseus spent seven years of his life in one of the local caves, and some even suggest that apostle Paul shipwrecked near its shores, according to certain Biblical passages.

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Mljet has a long and interesting history, and visitors can explore the remains of ancient Illyrian forts and old Catholic churches along its gentle shores.

Read more about Europe’s best islands off the beaten path on Business Insider, and don’t hesitate to visit the aforementioned Croatian localities during your summer vacation.


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