The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatia is going through tourism renaissance. Becoming one of the most emancipated destinations on the globe, it notes constant increase of foreign visitors. Thanks to place such as Hotel Ora, these people can count on accommodation that provides both comfort and elegance in the country. The site has opened recently in Split, and we are taking you for a quick tour.

The name descends from Italian language, meaning Time. Following this, most of the interior walls have a clock installed. It is merely one of novel ideas made by Antun Sverko, the designer which stands behind Hotel Ora looks.

Guests have 24 spacious and luxurious rooms available, fully equipped with modern appliances and following contemporary designs. Those who arrived to Split for business can count on Ora’s large conference hall, which can accommodate up to 50 people. As such, it is more than acceptable spot for meetings and conferences. Hotel Ora also has private fitness center, featuring high-tech gym gadgets and multimedia devices. So whenever you want to have a training or moment of musical solitude, this center can provide.

In case you are more an outdoor type, hotel is located near Znjan beach and corresponding promenades.  Plus, it is situated next to several popular shopping centers, selling all kind of merchandise.  In other words, whether you are coming as tourist or business client, Ora is here to give a high-class stay.

You can find Hotel Ora about two kilometers away from the city’s always-busy center. If you detest the crowds, it is a perfect distance. At the same time, you are not that far away from Split landmarks and historical localities. Find Ora on address Poljicka Cesta 26E, or just visit the hotel’s official website.  Our image gallery below might also inspire you to leave your luggage on this spot.

Photo: Ivan Ivanisevic