The Adriatic Times Sinke

Visitors of Sibenik, rejoice with a new music event! Nox Festival is a nocturnal gathering of top DJ artists with fans of electronic music coming from all sides of the globe. Taking place on attractive Dalmatian peninsula called Martinska, this two-day event begins on August 2nd.

Two stages and twenty top-class disco jockeys will assure entertainment below Croatian stars, and beautiful Sibenik will provide gorgeous scenery to the event. Situated on the very entrance to St. Anthony Channel , the location of Nox Festival is close enough to city center for everyone to join in.

The lineup consists of quite notable DJ talents, including Beepolar, Coeus, Forniva, Lawrence Klein, Roof AW, Alex Ranerro, Nick Jelly, Marina Karamarko, Foxy, Butters, Dee, Juan Atkins, Petar Dundov, Sergej Snooze, After Affair, Nicehell, Kadosh,Santiago Batacosta, Santiago Garcia, Chuby, DJ Jock, Kenny Larkin, Red Axes, Terr, Outcome, Mario Vlaic, Joris Biesmans and Bakula.

Visit the official website and consider booking your ticket for Nox Festival. The night still hasn’t arrived on Sibenik coast.