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Family Podobnik acquired a romantic little house in Skalniski hamlet. Situated on the slopes of Ucka Mountain, it is a perfect haven from busy city life and important business schedules. The site has provided them with many pleasant vacations; hence they decided to offer it for tourist rental. It would be unfair to keep this little resort just for oneself.

“The house has been recently renovated, but it was originally constructed in 1896,” family members explained to Croatia Times source. “We have also added a pool, numbering six meters in width that is located immediately next to residence. You can watch it while having a meal in the dining room.”

The pool is relatively small, since its dimensions didn’t require additional building permits. However, it was constructed in a traditional way, since Skalniski is so secluded that larger truck can’t reach its premises. “We made it with limited equipment, but with very dedicated pool professionals. The filtering and disinfection systems are semi-automated, and we take great care to monitor chlorine and PH levels of the water.”

The pool’s decking was designed by owners, who used tropical wood which added to feeling of warmth and welcoming. The site is great for swimming and summer enjoyments. “The small pathways that lead to the poll are made of old stone, which the locals have been using for walls and field borders.”

Skalniski itself is a very impressive destination, especially for guests that value natural tranquility and peaceful surroundings. The hamlet can also be a great spot for one-day excursion from Rijeka or Opatija towns, located in Croatia’s coastal region of Kvarner.

If you are interested in having your own pleasant time next to the pool in Skalniski, consider booking your arrival through the site’s official Facebook Account.  Check out our image gallery below for more impressions of this charming locality in western Croatia.

Photo: Sandra Simunovic / Hanza Media