The Adriatic Times Sinke

With arrival of late September, the sunny days  in Croatia are retreating in advance of colder weather. The peak tourist season is far away beyond on the calendar and the locals are counting their gains, prepping for the upcoming fall and winter months.

However, don’t exclude summer thingies just yet. ‘Old Woman’s Summer’ or as Croats would say Bablje Ljeto is still allowing for occassional swim. The term describes stable weather and pleasant temperatures in early fall season. Of course, this prolongs the period of  summer enjoyments on the Adriatic Coast both to locals and their foreign guests. Be it swimming or diving, both are options you can still have in Croatia. And maybe some sunbathers could catch tan, if they don’t mind a blow of wind here and there.

‘Old Woman’s Summer’ won’t last long, though. So if you are in Croatia at the moment, join people on local beaches and have one last swim before wind and snow. The images in our gallery below have been recently made in Split and Makarska, serving as an invitation for those keen to keep their summer mode on. If you arrive, don’t forget to post some pictures on our Facebook Wall.

Paun Paunovic / CROPIX
Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX