Did you know that Croatia is one of the most industrious countries when it comes to lavender products? The plant blooms in abundance thanks to Mediterranean climate and quality soil, and is especially successful on islands such as Hvar. As a matter of fact, lavender fields are literally a kind of attraction there, and you may want to spend some time in their picturesque outdoors.

Lavender products are numerous. The plant is attractive and has a wide range of appliances. It can be used as a decorative mean, especially when used in making hand-made souvenirs. Its oil has nice smell and will provide benefit to your skin. So if you want to gift a friend who likes massages, a bottle of Lavandula Croatia oil is a sure winner.

The oil is also one of the most efficient first aids when it comes to burns and mosquito bites. Small bags of minced lavender leafs can be put in closets, providing your clothes with fresh smell and keeping away bugs.

The world of culinary spices also features a number of lavender products. Distinctive taste has found its place in many dishes, most commonly cakes and ice-creams. So if you made a good decision of spending your holidays on Croatian coast, keep an eye on this plant and all items associated with it.

Featured Photo: Fedja Klaric / Hanza Media