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Situated in the middle of Velebit Nature Park and surrounded with landscape that is under UNESCO protection, Liinden Tree Retreat & Ranch welcomes travelers from all regions of the world. The beautiful resort has recently been proclaimed the best of the kind in Europe by influential blog Luxury Travel Diary, and is gaining additional buzz with every new tourist season.

The ranch is ideal spot for anyone in love with natural outdoors. The surroundings offer numerous opportunities for leisure, from simple walk in the forest to exciting horse riding sessions. Whether you want a relaxing experience of your vacation, or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch can provide. The most attractive activities include kayaking the rivers, mountain- hiking the local peaks, trekking the paths or exploring the destination with bicycle. A Jeep Safari is also an option, as well as visiting some of numerous Velebit caverns.

But it is not just about being in outdoors. There’s a layer of luxury here as well. Every day, once you return from your favorite fresh-air activities, you can enjoy time in Jacuzzi, which is naturally heated by burning logs. You may also have a glass of craft beer that is produced locally, and observe the magnificent sky full of stars. Since there are not many light pollutants in vicinity, it is so bright that you won’t need a telescope to watch the depths of our astronomic neighborhood.  Finally, you’ll have a good night sleep in fancy wooden cottages, which are as idyllic as they can possibly be. And just imagine the quietness that rules during night hours.

Dining is a story to itself. All meals offered are made with local ingredients, made in accordance with high standards that were formed by founder of Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, Dr. Bruce Yerkovich. The fact that Michelin guide mentions this spot in its 2016 edition should be enough for many foodies to reserve their seat.

Linden Tree doesn’t operate throughout the entire year, however. You can access it from May to September.  Yet, it’s never a bad time to plan your vacation, so visit the locality’s official website and consider visiting the beautiful outdoors of Velebit.

Photo: Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch

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