The Adriatic Times Sinke

Today we bring you something quite unique in terms of rentable estates. Deep in the highlands of Croatia, you can spend a lovely vacation in a Dark Lodge. Maybe the description sounds odd, but the house in question is indeed having darkish tones from the outside. The coloring is far from being an issue, though. They actually add to elegance and appeal of the entire place.

The residence is called Karolina Mountain Lodge and is a project of Nibelung Company. You can find it in the settlement of Stari Laz, located between Mrkopolj and Ravna Gora. The space is arranged through 140 square meters not including lovely outdoor terrace and spacious cellar. The furniture is simple yet masterfully crafted and pleasing. It blends well with the general aesthetics of the locality.

Similarly to many such residences in Croatia, this dark lodge is in fact a heavily renovated old estate. Dating from 18th century, it featured wooden and stone-carved parts. There were a lot of changes in the meantime, of course. The room functions were changed in order to provide maximum comfort to occupying tenants. At the same time, the residence has maintained its local architectural identity and doesn’t stand out in unnatural way. Surrounded with gorgeous nature, it is a fine place for family stay or romantic seclusion. It should be noted that this luxurious estate is open in all seasons of the year. Each of them is spectacular in its own way.

With charming interior and picturesque outdoor looks, Karolina Mountain Lodge has quickly gained frequent guests and very favorable reviews. You can have a sneak peek of this dark lodge in our image gallery below. Arrange your stay by visiting official Facebook Profile and discover why Croats increasingly consider mountain dwelling an attractive alternative to beach enjoyments.

Photo: Neja Markicevic / CROPIX