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In the heart of Dalmatia, one can found the small settlement of Slivnica, located in the close proximity of Zadar. It is a typical village of Croatia, more than capable to provide its visitors with a relaxing vacation in Mediterranean outdoors. And thanks to recently renovated villa which exists on the village premises, your stay may have a layer of luxury as well.

The owners have inherited the building from their grandfather. It was in good state, despite having almost two centuries in age. This is proven by a large sign of residence entrance, which notes 1826 as year of construction. However, some reconstruction was required, and it involved upgrading old walls and roof area. But whatever novelties were provided to this Slivnica beauty, they respected the old way of building Dalmatian houses. Because of that, the estate hasn’t lost its charm.

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Interestingly enough, the house wasn’t always used as a residential building. In distant past, its owners were storing their agricultural tools and devices. This is why two bathrooms had to be added to the already existing structure. The upper level also has a terrace of approximately 20 square meters. Visitors are more than welcome to dine on fresh air.

The interior furniture has been custom made in Slavonia, a continental region of Croatia known for the quality of its oaks. Sofas were imported from Italy, while two old wardrobes were renovated. One of them is precisely 105 years old, and is used as a small ‘museum box’, storing exhibits from the Slivnica past. These include old pastry and sewing tools, as well as a handy coffee mill and dozens of silverware items.  One of the more interesting props in the house is an old ‘singer’ sewing machine, which really adds to the atmosphere.


If this estate looks like a dream-come-true for your holiday in Croatia, seek more information here. In the meantime, check out more images of this Slivnica beauty in our photo gallery below, courtesy of AG FOTO.

Photo: AG Photo