The Adriatic Times Sinke

As the world press lauds Croatia as a magnificent tourist destination, it is easy to forget that Mediterranean country is not just beaches and islands. In the close vicinity of its coast, one can visit the mountainous region of Lika, which attracts with fascinating sceneries and untouched natural landscapes.

A home to numerous traits and points of interest, Lika used to be the place to go during hot summer months in Croatian past. The locals cherished fresh air during high temperatures more than refreshments of the sea, and often decided to have vacation in heights. Maybe this is the reason why there are many tracks, trails and picturesque settlements in this Croatian region.

Our reporter Zvonimir Barisin often ventures Lika outdoors searching for inspiration. He rarely leaves without good photos, as proven by all the media associated with this article. Just by having a stroll on the slopes of Velebit Mountain and having a visit to town of Gospic and settlement of Rovanjska, he managed to provide us with an exceedingly good series of images. Check them out in our photo gallery below.

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