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Planning to visit the former city-state of Ragusa during summer? In that case, here is a list of eight great restaurants in Dubrovnik, which will certainly boost your experience in this old city. Not that it needs boosting, knowing its fame as a King’s Landing double and one of the hottest destinations in Europe. But nevertheless, here are some really great places to have a tasty snack in Dubrovnik.


Led by Chef Jadran Tutavac, Pantarul is a welcoming diner which attracts guests with positive vibes and friendly atmosphere. And of course, prime dining offer.


Equally exquisite when preparing small bites and complex multi-course meals, the kitchen crew makes its very own pasta and bread. The menu is season-dependant, and ingredients are obtained from small family estates of Dubrovnik and Konavle region. Book your seat in Ulica kralja Tomislava Street 1, where Pantarul is located.


With almost two decades of existence, Nautika is one of the most recognizable dining places in Dubrovnik. Its terrace provides a fantastic view of the city ramparts and surrounding Adriatic Sea, while the menu includes prime Mediterranean dishes, including fish baked in Ston salt.


Annually, over three tons of Vis lobster are consumed in the restaurant, which can be found in Brsalje Street 3. Don’t be surprised if you see a famous actor or business person having a meal next to you, as they are also keen to visit during their Dubrovnik stay.


One of the strongest keepers of Dalmatian culinary traditions, Proto is a renowned restaurant, located in the very heart of Dubrovnik’s historical core. Just a few steps away from Stradun Street, it is famous for its skorup-cream cake and numerous seafood dishes.

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With charming outdoor terrace and professional service, it is a place to have a great meal during your walks through old city streets. Visit Proto in Siroka Ulica Street 1.

Porat Bar & Grill

Founded as early as 1920, Porat is perceived as one of the most important gathering places of Dubrovnik people, and was a scene of many notable anecdotes and happenings.

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Keeping in line with such important heritage, but accustomed to modern lifestyle approaches, Porat is a modern diner serving seasonal local and world kitchen delicacies. Visit Obala Stjepana Radica 30 and have a great time in this fancy Dubrovnik spot.

Tovjerna Sesame

The owners of this romantic tavern are simply known as Marina and Misko, and their cooking expertise is undeniable.  Marina has finished her education in renowned Parisian gastronomy school Le Cordron Bleu, leading to Sesame’s unique menu blending Mediterranean and French food influences.

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Popular orders include squid polpettes, wild garlic ravioli, freshly caught bass and poultry dishes.  Sorbets made from forest fruits are also something you should try on their outdoor terrace, located in Ulica don Frana Bulica 7.


Far from busy streets and city stress, one can find the peaceful oasis of food called Orsan. Situated in Lapad, just next to romantic coastal scenery, it is a favorite place of many Dubrovnik residents. Guests are shielded from the hot sun with wide pine tree branches, while their taste buds will find much enjoyment in fish, pasta, grill and seashell specialties.


If this sounds like a place you always dreamt of visiting, book your seat in this great spot, situated in Ulica Plemenitog Zajca 4 Street.


No list of great restaurants in Dubrovnik comes without Kopun. The name of this diner actually describes a large rooster, specially stuffed to become a tasty delicacy once the time comes. The kitchen crew has a private mission to safeguard the old ways of Croatian cooking, offering unique meals, made in accordance with ancient preparation techniques.


Guests can enjoy dishes such as beef chop served with truffles and shrimps, chicken in white wine and honey sauce and scallops filled with truffle crème. Of course, the titular rooster is also on the menu. The restaurant is located in Poljana Rudera Boskovica 7.

Restaurant 360º

Ever since chef Marijo Curic took over the kitchen of 360º, the restaurant receives nothing but critical acclaim and customer satisfaction. Serving Mediterranean cuisine with a twist, the place is also known for its extraordinary view of Dubrovnik’s historical harbor.

Restaurant 360

Come to Svetog Dominika Street bb and be amazed by tastes, wine offer, service and surroundings.

This was our list of eight great restaurants in Dubrovnik.  Visit at least one of them to have a joyful and fulfilling stay in this glorious city, which annually gathers thousands of satisfied visitors.


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