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If you are flying next to Dalmatian coast, chances are that you will see a beautiful island of distinctive longish shape surrounded with pristine sea.  Croats call it Dugi Otok, and it literally means “Long Island”. It is among the most loved destinations of Adriatic shores, whose tourist potential is yet to have the golden years. Slightly secluded, it can be both relaxing and exciting. Here are five things to love on Dugi Otok Island.

Enjoy the Gorgeous Beaches

Probably the best beach of Zadar County, Sakarun is located in the northern regions of the island.  Surrounded with thick forests of pine trees, it became widely known for its crystal-like waters and shallows that allow walking almost one kilometer away from the shore. The guests can arrive with a tourist train that connects the locality with neighboring settlement, but fans of sailing will come to their terms as well. Sakarun is naturally shielded from strong winds and big waves, making it a perfect spot to situate your vessel. But even if you roam away from this beach, there are plenty of intimate coves and valleys, just waiting to be discovered on Dugi Otok Island.

Explore the Coasts of Telascica

For numerous centuries, the area of Telascica has been known for its fascinating beauty. This prompted people of the modern times to protect the landscape, and is currently having a status of Natural Park in Croatia. Featuring hundreds of various plant and animal species, Telascica is the place where one can feel attached to natural world in a very special way. No matter if you explore its salty lake of Mir or view the magnificent cliffs of Stene, you are bound to have a beautiful excursion. The inlets of Telascica are also worthy every second of your visit to Croatia, as are ancient remains of buildings that used to belong to Empires now long gone. You may also find some new four-legged friends, as the site serves as a home to several friendly donkey herds.

Take Part in Outdoor Challenges

Gorgeous sceneries can provide relaxation to some visitors, inspiration to the other, and terrain for activity to the third kind. If you are among the latter, Dugi Otok Island offers you a wide range of things to do and enjoy, and your inner adrenaline addict won’t leave unsatisfied. Strolling the landscape is only the beginning; the athletic types are invited to challenge the mountaineering paths that are connecting various points of interest, including the Mount of Orljak. Reach this spot for a truly one-of-the-kind view of surrounding Adriatic waters. Trekking and running is always an option, too.

Embrace the Waves of Adriatic

If you can’t stay on solid ground for long, the Adriatic Sea won’t disappoint you in any way. Renting a kayak on Dugi Otok Island is a guarantee of time well spent, and will lead you to some truly great moments during your vacation. Fans of fishing won’t have a different experience, either.  The baits can be thrown at any time of the day (evening included), and you never know when the next big catch will come out of the water and end up on your deck. For those truly adventurous, there’s scuba gear and wonderful world that waits below the surface.

Cherish the History

The island has been inhabited since the ancient times, as proven by many old churches that surpass one millennia of age. As a matter of fact, a prehistoric structure that existed in Kozenjak area has been used in times of antiquity, and is a very valuable source of archeological material. Dugi Otok is also a source of glagolitic culture. For those who seek unique features, the lighthouse of Veliki Rat is the place to go. This building is the highest of its kind on Croatian shore, and was supposedly made with the help of egg yolks. Speaking of these, Dugi Otok is a great destination to try the delicacies of Dalmatian cuisine. For lovers of seafood and Mediterranean spices, going to local konoba is highly recommended.

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Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media