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Drnis prosciutto is well known internationally, and soon it will also be added to the Guinness Book of Records!

The town of Drnis’s own Ante Reljanovic is a proud owner of a 103.5 cm long record-breaking prosciutto weighing 22.5 kg. The delicacy might soon be published in one of the world’s most famous books – the Guinness Book of Records. “I’ve been planning something like this for a long time so I sent my application to the Guinness Book of Records people and found out that the largest prosciutto category does not exists, which automatically places us into the selection. Experts from the Guinness legal service came promptly, measured the prosciutto, we signed all the forms and now we’re just waiting for the final confirmation.”

Prosciutto hanging
“I am so happy because Drnis prosciutto is something special. We have protected it as an original food item of the area, and I have started the Drnis Prosciutto Festival myself as well as came up with the logo for the “Welcome to Drnis, the town of prosciutto” slogan, and now we will get this title which will make all of us proud. Ours weighs 22.5 kilos and those who wish to break our record will have to work really hard,”  said Ante.

The record-breaking prosciutto is three years old and was made from the meat of the Durok pig, a domestic pig-wild boar cross, which, according to Ante, is the best meat for prosciutto.” The Durok breed does not exist elsewhere in Europe and its characteristic is that it is a cross of domestic pig and wild boar, while our own pigs have another quality: they are “happy pigs” as they are not held indoors, they roam the land, feed on grass, shamrock, and of course – they breathe fresh air.”

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“I’m not intending to belittle anyone else – but our air under Mount Promina is something else. That is the reason why our pigs are so healthy – said the prosciutto producer while writing down orders of this delicacy.”

Ojdana Koharevic / The Adriatic Times


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