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Island Brac is well known locality in Dalmatian waters. Surrounded with crystal-clear sea and having hospitable residents, its counts as a favorite destination to many visitors of Croatia. In one of its lovely valleys, surrounded with thick forests and peaceful plains, a small settlement called Dol na Bracu waits to be discovered by those who appreciate peaceful and quiet holiday.

Dol na Bracu

„This part of island is known for a specific kind of stone called hrapocusa,“ local Zoran Gospodnetic explains. „Its color resembles honey, and it was used to build a lot of walls and houses in Dol na Bracu.“ In the near future, local hrapocusa caves will receive electric lighting, becoming a unique tourist feature of the settlement, and drawing more visitors. At this point, however, guests of the village are usually impressed by miniature stone-built houses made by local artist Ante Gospodnetic Kralj, located in the center of the settlement.

Dol na Bracu

“To tell you the truth, we aren’t developed very much as a tourist destination. But visitors who come actually love that. Our village is not overcrowded, and provides a stress-free experience on Brac Island,” Matulic continues.

Having a protected status of ecological and ethnological village, Dol na Bracu is not just a romantic Mediterranean settlement. It is a testament of old traditions and a large outdoor museum dedicated to nature itself. However, its greatest asset is local populace.

“You can’t have a village as clean and tidy as this, without common effort of people inhabiting it. You won’t find plastic bags on our streets. Actually, you won’t even find a wasted cigarette. We all participate in keeping Dol na Bracu lovely, from youngest children to eldest seniors.”

 Dol na Bracu

Dol na Bracu became a new home to one Zagreb girl. Branka Bozovic settled on the island thirteen years ago. “I could talk for entire century why I choose to live here. But everything can be summarized to one simple fact- Dol na Bracu is a village your read about it in fables!”

If planning a relaxing vacation in the upcoming season, don’t hesitate to visit this fable-like settlement.

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