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Doctor Ivica Vlatkovic leads one of the most technologically advanced medical facilities in Zadar. However, he still considers nature to be the superior healer. He often roams the beautiful Dalmatian sceneries that surround his native town, often paying a visit to his local olive groves. Here is healthy Croatian habit that he recommends everyone to follow.

Goran Sebelic / Hanza Media

“When I enter the grove after the harvest, I pick up the first mature olive on the tree. I crack it between my palms and cover my hands with fresh olive juices. Then I massage it into my face, forehead and hands,” Doctor Vlatkovic explained to Croatia Times source. “No perfume or cream could beat that feeling.”

“This elixir is not a part of cosmetic industry, but comes directly from nature onto your body. The skin quickly becomes elastic and youthful. Plus, the fresh smell of flowers stays with you the entire day. It is as if the olive tree has extracted all its richness in a few grapes, together with help of surrounding plants.”

Niksa Sipanicev / CROPIX Agency

Doctor Vlatkovic also likes to consume olive grapes on the spot, especially those of soltanka species that has reddish juice. “Once you pick it up, your hands look like you held red wine grapes. Soltanka has a fantastic aroma; I could distinguish it in thousand other olive kinds. “

At the end of the day, Doctor Vlatkovic picks up some more olives. He categorizes them according to their kinds, washes them, cooks a bit- and finally leaves in jars of salted water. “They can be eaten immediately. Most of them lost bitterness while being on their branches. Those that still have it are even better for your health, so feel free to consume them too.”

Josko Ponos / CROPIX Agency

Enjoying olive products is a good Croatian habit everyone should develop. After all, these plants can live up to several thousand years of age- which is saying something. Consider buying some grapes while being in the country or explore the Groves of Lun on Island Pag for a complete olive-based experience.

Featured Photo: Neja Markicevic / CROPIX Agency