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In 2009, Ashley Colburn won an Emmy Award for her documentary movie „WOW! Croatia“. The acclaimed journalist and movie producer never hid her fascination with the Mediterranean country, and even decided to settle in the region of Istria. Now she continues to make movies about Croatia, becoming one of the country’s most active ambassadors.

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In her latest movie work, Colburn visited a small town of Benkovac, which can be found in the interior parts of Zadar County. It has a custom of arranging a large fair every 10th date in a month, no matter whether it is a weekend or a working day. The gathering usually involves sales of animals and agricultural goods, as well as providing opportunities for a tasty traditional meals of Dalmatia.

“Don’t come to Benkovac unless you plan to eat well,” Colburn concluded as she enjoyed roasted lamb and tasty snail dishes. Watch her short video below for the full impression.

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