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The Island of Pag is known for many beauties, but only its more adventurous visitors will witness its hidden treasures. Deep beneath the waves of Adriatic Sea, fascinating landscapes await those eager to equip diving gear and vanish below the surface. Hundreds of fish species, large coral fields, dozens of crab and mussel kinds, and surroundings unlike anything one has seen in life can be experienced. Indeed, depths of Pag are unique sight, and a prime spot for divers on Croatian coast.

Depths of Pag
Photo by: Umberto Lucardi

But some divers submerge carrying a specially designed camera, allowing them to take pictures of this new realm. They return with what seems like images from another world, allowing even people who don’t like the idea of diving to see what Adriatic has to offer behind its tranquil shallows.

In order to encourage underwater photography, Autocamp Simuni has organized a competition in this art, gathering over 35 divers from all over the world. The event had several categories, including such as “ambient”, “fish” and “macro photography”.

In 2015, the grand prize went to Damir Zurub. That wasn’t much surprising, knowing that he won the title of world’s best underwater photographer on competition in Netherlands. The winning image is used as a featured picture of this article.

Depths of Pag
Photo by: Nikola Hrzenjak

But Damir’s job wasn’t easy, as his competition was very talented. Check out our photo gallery below for more scenes depicting depths of Pag, and be inspired to visit this original Croatian Island. Mind you that all of the pictures below are under heavy copyright, and that author names are noted.

Have you ever been on Pag on your own? If having your own photos to share, even if they were not taken below Adriatic surface, be sure to upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our daily media contributor.





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