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If you are visiting the Island of Krk in Croatia, do yourself a favor and have a plate of Vrbnik surlice. It is a delicious specialty, featuring traditional Croatian pasta and fine local beef.  As the very name suggests, this meal is associated with a small town of Vrbnik, which is known for its tasty wine called zlahtina.

But in case you plan to bring a piece of Croatia to your own home, here is a recipe for this dish. Do try to find original surlice pasta in local stores, or find a suitable replacement.

Vrbnik Surlice Recipe

What you will need:

1.5 kg surlice pata

2 kg beef

3 onions

2 fresh tomatoes

200 ml oil

6 garlic cloves

200 ml wine


Grated parmesan

What you will do:

Put the minced onion in the heated pan and add beef (previously cut in cube-shaped chops). After some time, add minced garlic along with some salt and pepper. The next step is to cut tomatoes and parsley, and put them in the pan as well.

Continue frying until the ingredients form a fine sauce. Feel free to add some water or even wine according to need. Cook the dish for one and a half hour on light flame. In a separate pot, cook surlice pasta and once they are ready, combine them with the sauce.

Dobar tek!

Feature Photo: Biljana Gaurina / CROPIX