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The hot summer nights can get even more intense once top-quality drinks reach the tables. Today, we will introduce you to Visnjevac, a cherry liqueur that never disappoints as a drinking option in Croatia. We will also explain how to make your own bottle of this fancy drink, so you can explore its fine taste and discover how it can contribute to your mood.

Visnjevac has a sweet taste, and is usually served before dining. It is kind of rakija, a strong spirit drink that is popular among Slavic nations, only upgraded with cherries.

What you will need

75 dag cherries

40 dag sugar

3,5 dcl rakija lozovaca

1 vanilla pod

1 lemon skin

What you will do

In a large jar, insert the freshly washed cherries. Make a row of them, cover with sugar, and then make another row atop the first one. In the middle of the jar, add one pod of vanilla and grate some lemon skin. Continue with the layers of cherries until you run out of them.

Once all this is done, pour rakija into the jar. It should be ‘lozovaca’ kind, meaning it was made from grapes. Check your local shops for this drink, as they might have them on ‘international’ shelves.

Leave the jar in a cold and dark place for a month. Once this time passes, decant it and pour the liquid in smaller bottles. Your visnjevac is ready!

If you wish to experiment, try adding cinnamon or ginger into the jar. Feel free to upload the images of your visnjevac glasses to our Facebook Wall. And don’t forget that one of the best cherry kinds in the world is Dalmatian Maraska.

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