The Adriatic Times Sinke

Every year, dozens of musical festivals take place on the Adriatic shores of Croatia. At the time of writing this article, the magnificent Tisno destination hosts Love International, an annual event that largely contributed to Croatia’s popularity as a party destination. Secluded by picturesque hills and tranquil waters of Adriatic blue, Love International gathers notable DJ stars and pairs them with audiences on sandy beaches.

For youth, it is all they imagine to receive from having a vacation in Croatia. Enjoying the outdoors and high temperatures as well as energetic tones of their favorite musicians is an experience they have been waiting for an entire year. In addition to having a swim, the refreshment comes in cocktails and beverages, not to mention barbecue options prepared on local grill.

Our reporter Niksa Stipanicev went to Tisno in order to catch the vibe of Love International. Check out his photographs in the gallery below. There’s still more to enjoy, as the notable event will last up to July 5th. If you are interested, grab your towel and head for Tisno to share some love.