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There are many things that Croats provided to the world, but not many surpass Dalmatian dogs in charm. These beautiful animals have been used for centuries by local populations, usually serving as cattle guards or military canines. It is not surprising that Dalmatian Dog Millennium Photo was recently taken in Sibenik, a city located in the heart of Dalmatia Region.

The photo shoot was organized by photographer Sime Strikoman and included dozens of dotty participants. Of course, they posed together with their owners and you can only imagine how many of them are in Croatia.

The location of this photo shoot was in front of St. James Cathedral, the undisputed cultural center of Sibenik life and one of the most picturesque sites you can find in entire Croatia. Constructed between 15th and 16th century, this landmark greatly contributed to the attractiveness of final products.

Our own photographer Nikolina Vukovic Stipanicev was present while Dalmatian Dog Millennium photo was being made. Check out our image gallery below and see what great fun took place during the filming. If you own a dog, give him or her a cuddle from Croatia. And if you are searching for a pet, we are more than certain that Dalmatians could become your next best canine friend.

Visit the official website of Sime Strikoman here.

Photo: Nikolina Vukovic Stipanicev / CROPIX

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