The Adriatic Times Sinke

The early fall is the perfect time for fishing in Croatia. The seas are spared from crowds of tourists and the weather usually permits a pleasant stay away of the shores. You may find some truly impressive catch and otherwise have a beautiful adventure on Adriatic coast.

But coasts of Croatian sea are not the only place where fishing excitements happen. In territorial parts of the country one can find numerous lakes, creeks and river banks that wait for dedicated fish catchers. One such locality is Roski Slap, a spot next to Krka River that is ideal for preying upon pike fishes.

The species is known delicacy and can be prepared in several ways. Each of them is tasty and can provide a great meal. Interestingly enough, it is not a native fish but added to ecosystem to maintain natural balance. Being a capable predator, pike fish needs to be hunted regularly to prevent the extinction of other animals that live in the streams of Krka.

You may contribute to this natural balance with your own underwater prey-hunting talents. Consider visiting Croatia and obtaining fishing license. You are bound to have a beautiful and nature friendly experience.  Who knows, maybe even in Roski Slap, a unique locality in Krka National Park.

Photo: Nikolina Vukovic Stipanicev / CROPIX