The Adriatic Times Sinke

There are plenty of items available to purchase in Croatia that will remind you of your stay. From plastic necklaces with simple local insignia, to genuine works of art that are hand-crafted with dedicated precision, there are many options for a tourist to choose. Yet, a rather unique souvenir is coming on market of Dalmatian stores. It is a tiny compartment that includes golden donkey feces. Yes, you have read that right. The product is being made by authentic Croatian donkey, as proven by tiny booklet that comes with the item.

Golden donkey feces box is a product of a local association called Uzgon. The project has been governed by academic artists Hrvoje Cokaric Coka and Vanja Pagar. The couple believes that novel souvenir will be a success, contributing to understanding of donkey’s value to local people. “In past, people had to work hard in the fields, and donkeys were important asset in their work”, the couple explains. “Today, they are decreasing in numbers and could really use some help. After all, they are part of our traditional inheritance. “

The tourists are very much in love with these animals. Almost all of them want a picture of themselves next to tovar, as the locals call donkeys. However, offering them packed golden donkey feces might be completely other pair of sleeves.  Artists of Uzgon are confident of their success, though. The initial sales were more than sufficient to continue the project. The item is genuine product of animal’s metabolism, with added layer of golden paint.

“Unlike local ladies, the tourists are delighted with this souvenir. They buy one for themselves and some for family and friends. The small leaflet that comes with it explains how valuable donkeys were to Croats in the past, poems that are dedicated to them and why we need to preserve them in Dalmatia.”

Although bizarre, the project might gain considerable buzz in the following months. Expect to buy this kind of souvenir on streets and in stores of Zadar. A similar item, made from Lika Bear feces, has already been available.

If nothing else, these boxes will certainly recall your stay in Croatia- on the wittiest possible way.

Photo: Paun Paunovic / Hanza Media