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A new reality show called „Croatia 2017: The Brits are Coming“ has recently premiered on BBC. It tracks  the adventures of a group of British youngsters, as they spend holidays in Novalja settlement of Island Pag. The small town has become internationally famous, as it neighbors Zrce Beach, which counts as probably the best outdoor party place in Europe. Thus, British audiences will be able to witness the beauty of Croatia, but also its lavish nightlife offer, a combination that greatly contributed to the country’s popularity as a tourist destination.  Of course, one can also expect a few endeavors of romantic nature as well.

But the show has caused some controversies. The local authorities are afraid that Novalja will be presented as a place of uncontrollable parties, supported with extensive drugs and alcohol usage. The town’s mayor, Ante Dabo, is overseeing the project with iron will to evade such presentation. „I won’t allow that world sees Novalja in unrealistic way. We are not a town of wild parties and public debauch,“ Dabo commented to Croatia Times source. „There will always be such incidents, but we invested a lot of effort to counter them. And nobody, including BBC, will use cheap sensationalism to present us in negative tones.“

Zrce Beach Crowd is Very Hot
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The British television has agreed that it won’t put Novalja in such contexts, and even signed it on paper. „But if they don’t respect our deal, I will forbid them to work on public surfaces in Novalja, and press charges. That being said, I don’t expect such drastic outcomes. As a matter of fact, one can expect the show to be a great promotion of our town to foreign markets.“

Watch how the Brits are coming and enjoying Croatia on BBC Three. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Featured Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX