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A couple of days ago, we informed you about the surprise visit of Brad Pitt to Croatian shores. However, it seems that actor’s visit was not a Hollywood-style tourist excursion. From what little is known, it seems that famous actor has plans of investing in Croatian tourism.

According to Forbes, Pitt is the 24th richest celebrity in the world, with earnings which exceed 30 million dollars. With such hefty financial background, it’s not strange that Hollywood star is interested in investment projects.

Brad Pitt

According to some sources, Pitt originally wanted to put his money into a large tourist resort in the vicinity of Brijuni National Park. However, after his sighting in Sibenik, it is believed he intends to invest in a similar project in the Dalmatian settlement of Zablace. Brad got this idea after talking to actor Rade Serbedija, who is also quite known on global scale and has strong connections with Croatia.

During his recent two-day stay in Croatia, Pitt took a walk through Sibenik and observed its old historical core. He also went to Zablace and visited several estates which are currently in private ownership. While no precise details were given, it seems that Hollywood star will participate in an upcoming construction of a luxurious tourist resort, which would include hotels, villas, hostels and golf terrains. Zablace would also receive additional non-tourism oriented infrastructure, including faculty, retirement homes, quality residences and a church.

Nikolina Stipanicev, Zablace

Croatian architect Nikola Basic would also participate in the project. Mostly known for his impressive Zadar installations The Sea Organ and Greeting to The Sun, Basic has met with Brad Pitt and they talked about investing in Croatian tourism. Basic noted that Pitt was fascinated with Croatia, and even called it “The most wonderful country I have ever seen”.

Niksa Stipanicev

Due to his other business meetings, Pitt has left Croatia, promising a prompt return to the gorgeous Mediterranean shores of Sibenik Riviera. Time will tell how long will it take for Zablace to become a Croatian resort with a glimpse of Hollywood, but it certainly seems to be a destination to consider in the upcoming summer seasons.


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