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Not all images of Croatia have to depict natural landscapes and summer entertainment events. Sometimes, it is enough to photograph the locals in the everyday moments of their lives, as in case of this Dalmatian Senior.

This photo was brought to you by our reader Bernie Marinovich, who lives in Biloxi, USA. He was visiting Split, the capital of Dalmatian county and one of the most beautiful royal cities in the world, as he noticed a Dalmatian woman in a specific pose. Resting on the top of her stairs, she was in the company of a large pet dog, just observing the world passing by.

It seems that this position is not unordinary for Dalmatian Senior woman, and the dog seems accustomed to it as well.  Nobody knows how long have they been a company to each other, but we are sure that the photographed lady would have a lot of interesting tales to tell. Not to mention that older Dalmatian housewives are literally living cookbooks of traditional Croatian delicacies.

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