The Adriatic Times Sinke

People usually associate fine weather with Croatia as the country is among the world’s most emerging tourist destinations. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for swimming and other similar beach enjoyments. But here and there, nature puts itself in completely different mode. Lightning above Lastovo, caught on camera by our photo-reporter Zvonimir Barisin, is a display of such situation.

Lighting above Lastovo

The image was taken in the village of Milna, on the Island of Vis. However, the localities on picture are actually Island of Lastovo (known as a great spot for star gazing) and tiny inlet of Budikovac.

Short summer bursts of rain are common on Adriatic Coasts (and truth to be told, they are quite welcome refreshment from high temperatures). Sometimes, such circumstances encourage adventurous photographers to exit the dry safety of their accomodations and venture the outdoors in search for beautiful sights such as the one above. There is even a local group of enthusiasts called Storm Chasers Dubrovnik that passionately tracks thunderstorms in search fo photo opportunities.

Lighting above Lastovo

Hopefully, the image of lighting above Lastovo will serve as inspiration for your own rainy photo venturing. Who knows, maybe even in Croatia.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX