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There is a lot of work during any harvest, but people of Croatia actually look forward to it. Despite the hard job, there is a certain enjoyment in working outdoors, especially if it leads to fine home-made products. Orange harvest of Metkovic comes with some extra features. After being picked up, the grapes have to be transported across local river channels. But what might be a nuisance to locals is actually a kind of adventure to their foreign guests. Now you can join the orange harvest in Metkovic and spend an entire day as a picker in Croatian fields.

Of course, the activity includes sailing with traditional vessels and introduction to what oranges mean to local region. The attendees can be of any age and physical prowess, as the entire experience is technically more like a tour than demanding labor. Musicians are included and good vibes are maintained throughout the entire orange harvest. This tourist offer is especially popular among Austrian tourists, who are delighted with every second of the event.

If this sounds like a great way of spending your day in Croatia, Metkovic waits for you. Visit the town’s official Tourist Board and schedule your arrival to the banks of Neretva River. Check out what orange harvest looks like in our image gallery below.

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Photo: Denis Jerkovic / CROPIX