The Adriatic Times Sinke

The Island of Korcula is not unknown destination for fans of Croatia. The lovely isle served as a home to Odysseus and Marco Polo, not to mention generations of other human beings that enjoyed its pleasant shores. Those smart enough to choose it as their vacation spot have plenty of reasons to be happy, especially if they are staying in Villa Carmen.

This luxurious estate can be found on Korcula’s peninsula called Prizba, located on the pebble beach that provides the magnificent view of surrounding Adriatic blue. The pine tree forest is located on the opposite side of the residence, allowing stays in natural shade.

Owner Mile Jeramez is an architect by profession and took good care that Villa Carmen doesn’t impede the surroundings with its exterior looks.  Although impressive, they don’t make the house look like a concrete jungle in the middle of picturesque setting. At the contrary, it seems as if the luxurious villa has always been a part of Korcula.

The interior has been designed to provide plenty of natural light. Even the attic section, which partly serves as a bedroom to those who wish such experience, has been provided with large Velux windows that guarantee both functionality and satisfaction.

The furniture is modern and walls colored in welcoming colors. The kitchen has a stone-made island in the middle which can be handy for cooks that like to move. The exterior yard is bordered with suhozid drywalls, adding to the Mediterranean vibe and historical authenticity. Wellness section is also available, coming with a gorgeous-looking pool and plants that can usually be found on Korcula.

Villa Carmen is available to rent through several booking services. If you are interested, we recommend the first step to be a click on official Facebook Page. Don’t forget checking our image gallery below, too.

Photo: Maksim Basic, Velux