The Adriatic Times Sinke

Have you ever considered a lighthouse to be your accommodation in a foreign country? The experience is quite unique and available in Croatia. Numerous ship-guiding facilities have been renovated into attractive vacation spots, some even retaining their original purpose. Usually located on secluded sites, these are fine spots to reside in if you value peace and quiet.

The photo above depicts Sucuraj Lighthouse on Island of Hvar. Constructed in 1874, it led many ships to safe waters and away from sharp reefs. It is still doing so, but in addition provides quite luxurious suite for visitors. They even have the opportunity to hire a professional chef that will take care of all meals through the day. As for the lighthouse, it is fully automated so visitors don’t have to worry about its functioning. The maintenance is not carried out while the guests are present in the lighthouse, of course.

The picture also features gorgeous skies above Adriatic Sea. Due to lack of more numerous light sources present on the ground, the night sky is much darker and stellar shine is clearer. This makes every celestial ceiling on Croatian islands a kind of natural tapestry. It is one of the reasons why astronomers love to visit these destinations, as one doesn’t need any telescope to explore star formations in the sky.

Photo:  Josip Rajevic / Studio 9