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On the slopes of Biokovo, just a few kilometers away from town of Baska Voda, one can find the lovely village called Bast. The small size might deceive you, as the settlement traces the roots of its name up to Classical Period, when it was called Biston. First mentioned by contemporary name in 1434, Bast of today has 136 residents and plethora of interesting features. One of them is surely Beautiful Dalmatian villa from the headline, an estate in ownership of a Makarska-based couple, who shared its story with our colleagues from D&D Croatian Magazine.

Beautiful Dalmatian Villa of Bast Settlement

The gorgeous residence is actually a piece of regional history. Its construction begun in 17th century, and as decades passed, the estate received valuable architectural updates. However, traces of old times can still be observed- starting with kala, a small street-like front yard having only a meter and half in latitude. According to owners, this small passageway was envisioned for mounted donkeys to pass and bring valuable goods to people who lived in the house.

The current owners of this beautiful Dalmatian villa are skilful in carpentry, so the majority of furniture was made by themselves. Some items were bought on antique fairs, while the others are modifications of more modern items.

The estate interior has 50 square meters in size, while the surrounding terrace and yard add 30 more to total amount. Surrounded by peaceful and tranquil outdoors of Bast, the house is also close to several old Churches (such as St. Roch’s, dating from 15th century and late-baroque Church of Mary’s Assumption, dating from 1636) as well as old cemeteries, archeological digs and traditional diners of Dalmatian region (popularly called konoba inns).

Beautiful Dalmatian Villa of Bast Settlement

Interested in renting this estate for your stay in Croatia? In that case, contact Makarska Tourist Board for more information. Also, don’t hesitate to check out our photo gallery of the beautiful Dalmatian villa below:





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