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Being a member of rescue service doesn’t mean one is a comic-book superhero. But it is probably the next best thing, especially when the fact that superheroes are fictional comes to mind. There is much room for pride and satisfaction in this line of duty, but with great power come great responsibilities. Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) is an organization that safeguards both locals and foreigners on the country’ soil, and they are very active during peak summer season.

In order to be ready for every challenge, members of this unit are constantly training and sharpening their skills. On the photo above, you can see how one of their training sessions look like. Despite their name mentioning mountains, these people save people in all kind of terrains.

Niksa Duper / CROPIX

If exploring the beautiful Croatian outdoors leads you to dangerous and unwanted situations, be sure to call 112 and explain your state to multi-lingual operator. Men and women of HGSS will be on their way and assure your wellbeing. But of course, try to invest in your own safety. For starters, don’t do stupid things on your vacation.

Feature Photo: Nikola Vilic / CROPIX