The Adriatic Times Sinke

The Island of Hvar is probably one of the most famous destinations in Croatia. The lovely locality is rumored to be a celebrity hideout in which international stars escape from curious paparazzo lens. However, it might be difficult to hide on the island with such high renown, as its beauty has attracted a lot of visitors in recent years.  Some foreign people fell in love with island so much that they made it their permanent home. Most of them, however, choose Hvar to be their summer home – be it in a nice apartment or a hotel room or even a private yacht.

If naval activities are not your kind of entertainment, you are always welcome to engage in FreeRunning sessions along Hvar’s pleasant coasts.  Finally, you may just opt to have a long walk through the streets of local towns and villages. Plus, you may explore the destination enough to find some of its best kept secrets.

Photo: Tom Dubravec / CROPIX