The Adriatic Times Sinke

There are many tiny settlements on Croatian coast. As such, they are a perfect hideout to people tired of stressful business schedules and thick project deadlines. On such destinations, time passes slowly, and is mostly attached to enjoying the untouched nature and lovely outdoors. Sveti Petar na Moru is one such site, providing hospitality to our reader Elena Mercalli. During her stay, she enjoyed tranquil waters and beautiful celestial sights.

Sveti Petar na Moru is named after an old church, dating from 18th century. Surprisingly enough, it was known as the village of Krmcina just a few decades ago. Founded about 300 years ago, the settlement has a number of ramparts in its vicinity that belonged to local parish. The influential Civarelli family owned some estates as well, together with descendants of globally known naturalist writer Emile Zola.

With its charming outdoors and relaxing vibe, Sveti Petar na Moru is certainly many people’s dream destination in Croatia. But it is not the only one. If you have your own photos of great Croatian localities, feel free to share them on our Facebook Wall, and provide our online community with something to be awed about. Who knows, maybe you will earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day as well.

Photo:  Elena Mercalli