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Croatia is an inspiring destination for avid adventurers and globetrotters, especially those equipped with flying drone cameras. Wayfarers can easily be added to this group, as they venture the planet, making astonishing video clips along the way. About two weeks ago, they uploaded the footage made in Croatia, and so far it has reached more than 50 000 viewers.

Thanks to high-tech drones and talents of their editor, the four-minute clip manages to embrace many notable landmarks of Croatia in a special way. Check it out here:

Wayfarers have visited numerous worthy localities in Croatia, including the lovely island of Galesnjak. Thanks to its heart-shaped form, the Dalmatian inlet became internationally recognizable feature of Croatia, and is often shown in the country’s promotional materials. You may see Galesnjak approximately half of the minute in the video, along with some other nice Adriatic scenery.

Drones made possible to record a rather interesting view of Stradun, the central street of Dubrovnik’s historical core (it begins at roughly 0’45’’). The group also filmed the renowned falls of Krka river (starting approximately at 2’00’’) and numerous sights of Adriatic surface (in the last quarter of the video).


We hope that this was not the last time Wayfarers have decided to film their work in Croatia, and that we can expect more clips on the way. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel here and support their adventurous passion for travelling.

In case the clip inspired you to make your own video-works of Croatia, feel encouraged to share them with our online community. Just upload the footages to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.

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If you don’t know where to start, consider our Destinations section a prime place for meeting Croatia’s unique destinations. The country eagerly waits for your drones to fly and record its beauty.


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